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Pitched vs. Flat Roof - Which One Is Best for You?

pitched vs flat roof

You work hard to put a roof over your head -- so shouldn’t you take some time to consider what kind of roof that will be? We certainly think so.

When it comes to your roofing options, there is a big decision to make regarding the KIND of roof you’ll have: pitched or flat.

Now, you might wonder why it matters. Pitched roof vs. flat roof: Does it really matter in the end?

Actually, yes, it matters quite a good deal. And depending on your needs and budget, your choice in either a pitched or a flat roof can make quite a difference over the long haul for your home or business.

Not sure which roof is right for you or how either roof is different from the other? Not to worry: That’s what we have blogs for! And in this blog, you’re going to learn the key differences, draws, and drawbacks inherent in pitched and flat roofs!

Pitched Roofs

A pitched roof is perhaps the most common type of roof you’ll find in the United States, and for good reason: It offers a wide variety of benefits! Of course, like anything, a pitched roof also has its downsides. But are the benefits enough to make up for the downsides? That depends on your needs, of course!

  • Pros

    Perhaps a pitched roof’s most appealing draw is its INSULATION. Its design allows it to maintain your home’s temperature more efficiently than a flat roof is able to, thus lowering your home’s energy bills.

    Another appealing pro is that pitched roofs have BETTER DRAINAGE than flat roofs do. In an area prone to heavy rainfall, this feature will save you much stress and money over time.

  • Cons

    Pitched roofs tend to COST quite a great deal MORE to install and maintain than flat roofs do. This cost comes from pitched roofs’ design: one that is substantially more complex and one that is riskier to work on, requiring more insurance for any job.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs, while maybe not as common as pitched roofs are, do hold their own against their more commonplace counterpart. But can they hold their own when it comes time for you to decide between them or a pitched roof? Well, that depends . . .

  • Pros

    Flat roofs have a far more BUDGET FRIENDLY than pitched roofs are. This low cost is due to their simpler and safer design, which requires less expertise and less insurance.

    Flat roofs also SAVE SPACE. This design draw is great if you want to get the most use out of your home or business’s square footage. Indeed, this design can actually save you money if the extra space is sufficient enough for you not to need to pay for storage.

  • Cons

    Unfortunately, flat roofs provide POOR DRAINAGE, making them susceptible to water damage. If you live in an area that’s prone to heavy rainfall, a flat roof could prove to be a bad choice in the long run.

    Because of this problem, flat roofs also require MORE MAINTENANCE than pitched roofs do. Thus, over time, flat roofs could wind up costing you a great deal of money as you pay to have them repaired and kept up with because of rain-related damages.

Whatever Roof You Choose, Have It Worked On By An Experienced Roofer

Whether you decide that a pitched or a flat roof is right for your needs and expectations, you need to have it worked on by an experienced roofing contractor to reap the most of its benefits.

And for those of you living in or around the Westchester area, that expert should be none other than the pros at Eden Roofing Contractors Westchester. With nearly two decades of experience in the business, we at Eden Roofing Contractors Westchester have all the expertise to provide you with top-quality roofing work no matter WHAT kind of roof you decide is best for you!

If you are unsure whether a pitched or flat roof works best for your building, then please call our roofing contractors at (914) 292-4455 or complete our online request form.