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Just How Badly Can a Leaking Roof Damage Your Home?

leaking roof damage

Leak: Just the word itself can send chills down the back of any homeowner. A leaking roof can put a damper on any homeowner’s day since a leaking roof can quickly snowball into one of the costliest and most profound problems anyone can have to deal with.

But how, SPECIFICALLY, can a leak damage your home? Is a leak in and of itself bad?

If only! But a leak can affect quite a bit of your home’s health (as well as yours!) in quite a few ways and all QUITE negatively!

If you are not sure just how serious of a problem a leak can be, then just read on for some of the common and SERIOUS ways that roof leaks can harm your home. If you are not sure just why you should address ALL leaks ASAP, then perhaps this list from our experienced roofing contractors will open your eyes to the why:

Higher Electric Bills

As water from a leaking roof seeps into your attic, it can begin to wear away at the insulation therein. This, of course, means that your heating and air conditioning unit won’t be able to function as efficiently as they should.

And with an inefficiently functioning HVAC unit, you’ll begin to see higher electric bills. Thus, a leaking roof, while expensive in itself, can also begin to create more expenses for you as it wears away at the insulation that helps to keep your home efficient and economical.

Mold Damage

One of the most pervasive and most DAMAGING results of a roof leak is mold. In moist environments, mold can develop and quickly spread -- and with a leaking roof, there is certainly enough moisture present for a great deal of mold to develop!

Should you live in a home in which mold has developed, you could begin to develop some serious health issues. Yes, a leaking roof is bad in and of itself; but health problems are infinitely worse. Unfortunately, the two problems very often accompany each other.

Structural Integrity

Perhaps the most hair-raising problem that a leak can lead to is structural damage. Once a leak works deeply enough into your home and begins to wear away at it long enough, water damage can begin to weaken the structures that help keep your roof and home strong.

Some structures that water damage affects are your rafters, ceiling joists, and wall framing. Once these structures become damaged, your home’s structural integrity can become seriously compromised, leaving it open for some serious damage and, thus, leaving you open for some serious potential injuries!

Don’t Wait -- Have A Leak Repaired Asap!

If your roof develops a leak, then you need to have the problem fixed sooner rather than later. If you wait to have the leak repaired, then you could face serious issues with your utility bills, your health, and even your SAFETY!

Don’t wait for the damage to get serious. Just have the leak repaired by an experienced roof repair company -- such as the experts at Eden Roofing Contractors Westchester. With almost two decades of experience in the roofing business, we at Eden Roofing Contractors Westchester have the expertise you need to fix even the WORST leaks!

If you are looking for professional roof repair services, then please call our roofers at (914) 292-4455 or complete our online request form.